So, you want to make money from home...

but you don't have any experience running a business. Maybe you know you are destined for something more than job. Maybe you desire freedom from the daily grind. Maybe you are a stay at home mom that is looking to bring income into the household. Where do you start? How do you pick the most lucrative turnkey business?

The backbone of America has always been the Entrepreneur. Over the last decade the entrepreneurial spirit has resurged in the home business industry. Forbes Magazine recently predicted over 79 million people will start a home business in the next three years.

For decades, people have been seeking ways to have it all: time, money, family, fun, travel, and more. People are seeking life balance after years of working 10 hour days and spending their time commuting to jobs they are disenchanted with while their children are being raised by strangers.

The answer to the dilemma of how to manage family obligations with personal interests and pursuits, all while producing an income that enables you to enjoy a life of luxury and freedom is to build and enjoy a profitable home-based business. The right home based business can be the platform for you to reach your dreams of financial independence and life balance.

While some people think of home based business as a way to produce a supplemental income, in reality, a home based business has the potential to produce executive level incomes without the stress, headaches of traditional business, or high start-up fees that traditional businesses or franchises require.

Operating a home-based business offers low start-up costs, the ability to be within your own environment, ultimate flexibility and no or low overhead. In addition, there are numerous tax incentives, no commute (except a few feet from your bedroom to your computer) and the personal fulfillment of knowing you are in control of your life and your destiny. You can run your business while you're enjoying time travelling or playing with your children at the playground.

The concept of a home-based business has appealed to many, providing millions of people the ability to create a life of their own design and enjoy a fulfilling life of financial freedom and personal balance.

In 2004, almost 7 million people were self-employed and working at home and that number is growing exponentially. With the instability in job security caused by the expanding global economy, people are finding that being self-sufficient and self-reliant is the only way to accomplish the level of financial security and freedom they desire. People are realizing there is more to life than punching a clock and are seeking a life that is fulfilling and rewarding. The advancement of technology has assisted in the growth of home-based businesses, enabling people to easily and cost effectively communicate globally.

With VOIP, powerful laptops and the advancements in high-speed internet, wireless and cellular telephone technology, home-based businesses can now be completely mobile. People are able to connect across borders efficiently, making the world your marketplace. Businesses that are as complex as international trade can be easily be handled from your living room couch or with an iPhone as you're snowboarding down the slopes in Aspen.

Home based business opportunities range from clerical outsourcing, multi-level marketing businesses and specialized trade to lucrative direct sales opportunities. There's a great variety of legitimate opportunities that provide people with everything they require to establish and grow a successful and profitable business. Before starting a business, be sure to evaluate the following aspects to ensure the business model will meet your goals:

• Business model and structure.

• Marketing system provided (if applicable)

• Income potential and how you receive your income (check, direct from customers, from company, etc.)

• Time required to produce the income

• Flexibility in the business model

• Flexibility in time and location

• Products and demand for product

• Stability of the marketplace (i.e.: real estate, medical, etc)

• Ease of start-up, experience or know-how required

• Availability of assistance and leadership

• History of success with existing members, affiliates, etc.

• Stability of the parent company

• International viability

• Cost of start-up

• Cost of overhead

With a little due diligence, a desire to create your life by your design, a willingness to learn, and an entrepreneurial spirit, you can find the right lucrative turnkey business for you and enjoy a lifestyle that is financially rewarding and fulfilling working from the comfort of your own home.

Here's a brief description of each one: 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is the fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient way to make money on the Internet compared with other forms of online businesses. You don´t need to create and manage your products or services, you don´t need to handle customer orders and support, you don´t even need to have your own website. On the other hand, if you don´t know exactly what to do, you will never make money as an affiliate. Getting the needed and updated information and taking action are the most important steps of this process.

Mystery Shopper

 Mystery shoppers are used by market research companies to measure quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services. Mystery shoppers posing as normal customers perform specific tasks-such as dining at a specific restaurant, purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way - and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.

Get Paid to Take Surveys 

Paid Surveys Companies need consumers to try and review products, services, and websites and are willing to pay money to have them do so. Paid survey companies find survey takers, then pay up to 75% of the money companies give them for your participation.

Medical Billing-

Medical Billing and its related occupations continue to be the fastest growing opportunities in health care. Insurance companies and the government are spending more time and money researching and controlling claims' fraud, abusive practices, and medical necessity issues. Because of this, insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other providers are hiring more.

Multi-Level Marketing

also known as MLM, offers the opportunity to become involved in a system for distributing products to consumers. Unlike the person starting a business from scratch, the MLM participant has the support of a MLM company that supplies the products and sometimes offers training as well.

Network Marketing 

 is similar to and often referred to as MLM, but there are many organizations that utilize a network structure without all the levels that are typical in multi-level marketing. Non MLM network marketing companies tend to be very lucrative as the distributor does not share profits with an upline.

Selling On eBay 

 These days more and more people are looking for ways to supplement their income or work full time doing something they love. If that's you to a "T," eBay is just what you're looking for! - Manual Directory Submission Service